Saturday, April 17, 2010

When I was a Mom

The innocence of a 4 1/2  yo.. I have seen other mom's do a blog and us it as a journal or a memory book of things their children do, I like that idea alot and hope to keep adding to this..

Me to Little bug: "I stinking love you"
Little Bug to me: "Mom... I am NOT stinky!"

Tonight we had garlic bread with dinner a quote from Little bug "When I was a mom I made garlic bread for my kids all the  time" I proceeded to ask her how many kids she had, she counted up to 20 and then said they we're all girls.. Soo crazy. She also told me that her arms grow really really long when she sleeps and garlic bread helps them grow. So adorable and funny!

I was making some noise in the kitchen cleaning up and Little bug asked me "Mom can you please play gently, and not make so much noise" The things she say crack me up.

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