Saturday, April 17, 2010

When I was a Mom

The innocence of a 4 1/2  yo.. I have seen other mom's do a blog and us it as a journal or a memory book of things their children do, I like that idea alot and hope to keep adding to this..

Me to Little bug: "I stinking love you"
Little Bug to me: "Mom... I am NOT stinky!"

Tonight we had garlic bread with dinner a quote from Little bug "When I was a mom I made garlic bread for my kids all the  time" I proceeded to ask her how many kids she had, she counted up to 20 and then said they we're all girls.. Soo crazy. She also told me that her arms grow really really long when she sleeps and garlic bread helps them grow. So adorable and funny!

I was making some noise in the kitchen cleaning up and Little bug asked me "Mom can you please play gently, and not make so much noise" The things she say crack me up.

Cowgirl Party

Little Bug had a party at her preschool.. She called it her Cowgirl party since it was a western themed party.. Here are a few pictures.. 


Yesterday we had a bbq at Ms. Buggie's pre-school.. The theme was a ho-down.. Ms Buggie called it the Cowgirl party.. I took Ms Buggie and little bird to a local western store and got them boots, hats and ponies on a stick.. (Pics will come soon.) The hubs has a western belt and buckle, boots and a plaid shirt so he looked the part. I didn't have any boots that we're western themed so I borrowed some from my sister. I knew they would be a little small but figured I could withstand the pain for a little bit to look "cute". Holy ouchness.. I didn't even make it across the parking lot to the school before my feet we're screaming!! I ended up taking off the boots and walking around barefoot. (I now have an extra pair of fip flops in my car for occurences like this). Well when I got home I surveyed the damage.. It was worse then I thought.. Take a look

I am signed up to run a 5K tomorrow with a gf and my sister.. I can barely walk today so not so sure how I will do this tomorrow.. Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whatch what your kids read


This is an e-mail I received from my sister - It really sadens me to see how sick our world is becoming!!

I just wanted to flag you all to a book that my nephew brought home from his school library. He’s in 4th grade and was really enjoying this book. My sister decided to take a look at it and found subtle homosexual hints that became blatant by the end of the book. She said it was well written and would appeal to children. Unfortunately, it would also normalize homosexuality to the young reader. This book is getting rave reviews and is on kids reading sites (as below). She spoke to the principal who was not aware of the contents. It is now, no longer in their library.

It’s a good wake up call to watch what your kids are reading, and get involved in the schools so you know what they are being exposed to.

The book is called The Manny Files by Christian Burch. Besides kids reading lists, it is also listed on homosexual reading lists. Feel free to pass this on to other parents whom may have similar concerns.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Backround

Ok, I have no clue what I am doing on here.. I see soo many of you have cute backrounds that are not the regular templates.. Can anybody inform me how to get a different backround??

Saturday, September 6, 2008


This is completely new to me, and soo fascinating as well. Soo lets cover a bit of the past.. Karl & I have been married for 4 years this coming November. We have 2 little girls and 1 dog who thinks she also one of the kids Molly. Lets see Miss Ally will be 3 in October and is full of joy.. She's a great kid, not much of a sleeper (has never been) and loves to always be doing something. She loves to be outside helping her daddy or inside helping me out with what ever I am doing. She's a big helper with her little sister as well. She loves to play with Thomas the train, dolls, animals and go to the park as much as possible.

Madi is the newest member to our family. She was born May 29th 2008.. She's a great baby, minimal crying and loves to sleep.. She has the cutest smile ever and is such a happy baby..

Karl has had a busy summer already, working a ton of ot. He went out on a strike team to the Butte Lightning complex fires, he was the Strike Team leader trainee, this was his last run as a trainee soo next year he can be the strike team leader. We missed him while he was gone but knew he was doing what he loves. Glad they all made it home safely.

I have been busy this summer with the kido's as well, lets see we've been camping 3 times this summer, Gerle Creek (up by union valley resivor), Santa Cruz which is my most favorite place to camp, and DL Bliss in Tahoe.. We went up to Reno as well for the Rib Cookoff wich was a blast! We spent some time with my nieces (brandon's girls) this summer as well we all went to the folsom aquatic center for a day of swimming, I couldn't keep miss Ally out of the water.

Soo that's the end of our 1st blop post.. woow hoo more to come!